Communion Favors

If you’re in charge of planning for an upcoming Communion celebration, you’ll need to find the right Communion favors for your guests. The perfect party favor will fit your party theme, while also conveying a sweet message of appreciation to your guests. To help you find the right Communion favor for your celebration, I’ve compiled a list of party favor suggestions, tips, and tricks. This list will help you find Communion favors that will make your celebration a hit!

Table Numbers

If you’re throwing a very large celebration for your child’s communion, table numbers will help keep your party organized and guide your guests to their proper table. Instead of using plain and boring paper table numbers, try jazzing things up a bit with photo table numbers. You can turn your favorite photos into table numbers and markers.

communion favors
Photo table number frame. Photo courtesy of

To make photo table numbers, simply select a photo for each table. Use Photoshop or paint to add the table number to the photo. Then, print out your photos. Or you can stick your photos into numbered frames, like the framed photo above. To make this idea even better, you can have the table numbers coincide with the age of your child in the photo.

I love turning my favorite photos into creative gifts and your guests will love it too! You can give the photos away to friends and relatives at the end of the party. They will enjoy holding onto it as a reminder of you son or daughter and their special celebration. Your guests will treasure these sentimental communion favors for years to come!

Edible Communion Favors

Edible favors are something that everyone will enjoy! You can bake your guests cookies, cupcakes, or other sweets to take home. You can have all of the treats waiting for your guests at their table. It’s a good idea to have them prepackaged, so the guests can transport them home easily.

You can also organize an assortment of sweets into a goodie bag for your guests. In order to stick with your theme, use Communion themed plastic bags. There are a bunch of cute First Communion themed sweets you can add to your goodie bags. If you’re interested in baking them yourself, take a look at for great ideas and recipes. If you’ed rather purchase your sweets, has an amazing selection of Communion themed chocolates and treats to choose from.


Giving book marks away as communion favors is not only a thoughtful gift but one they can put to good use. You can find wonderful bookmarks with inspiring biblical verses or poetic verses about communion.  You can personalize them with the date of this special celebration to forever commemorate it for loved ones.

First Communion Bookmark
bookmark by

Mini Breads

For the homebaker, creating individual mini breads is a great communion favor idea. You can wrap them up in clear cellophane and adorn them with ribbon that coordinates with your party color scheme. Pumpkin, banana, zucchini, lemon, or chocolate chip bread would all be wonderful flavors to create for guests.

Mini Bread Communion Favors
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I love using handmade soap as party favors, because it’s an item the guests will surely get use out of! Making soap by hand is fun and it gives you a chance to incorporate your celebration’s theme into your favor. For great soap making ideas and instructions, take a look at If you’re not the craftiest individual, you can purchase Communion soap online. has a variety of great handcrafted soaps for sale.

communion favors with blue ribbons, Image from
Image from


Candles make great communion favors! They are practical and diverse enough to tie into your party theme! You can either purchase your candle favors, or you can easily make your own. Candle making is lots of fun. To learn how it’s done, take a look at To make these favors more meaningful, try attaching a sweet thank you note. Your guests will love this thoughtful gift!

Green Favors

Potted plants make great communion favors. I love this idea because you can also use the plants to decorate your table during the celebrations. As the party winds down, give the potted plants out to your friends. Orchids, lavender, and herbs like oregano, all make for great communion favors! Your guests will think of your special party when they take time to water their special gift.

This gift can also save you a lot of cash. If you plan far enough ahead, you can grow your green favors from seeds. This will cost you next to nothing! To make this gift even more special, add ribbon and other decorations to the pot. You can also attach a thank you note to it. Your guests will love this refreshing gift idea!

Potted communion favors. Photo courtesy of
Potted favors. Photo courtesy of

Custom Favors

There are a variety of custom favor options available. You can order almost anything with a custom message inscribed on it. Candy wrappers, custom magnets, candles, soap, cups, cookies, and hot coco mix are just a few items I’ve found with personalization options available. Sending your guests away with a custom gift is a nice idea. They will enjoy receiving such a unique and personalized gift.

Make sure whatever it is that your personalizing, that you include a special message. You can even inscribe it with your favorite bible verse, or one that relates to First Communion. At minimum make sure to inscribe your gifts with your child’s name, along with the date of their communion. A thank you note will also make a nice addition to any favor!

Enjoy Your Celebration

I hope these suggestions gave you the inspiration you were looking for! If you’re still feeling lost as to what favors are right for your party, try including your son or daughter into the party planning process. It’s their special day after all! They will surely give you some fresh ideas. Choose your favors wisely. You’ll want to give your guests a meaningful gift that really shows how much you appreciate their love and support. Be creative and enjoy the party planning experience! Good luck!

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