Communion Party Decorations

If you’re in charge of hosting a First Communion celebration, you’ll need to find the right communion party decorations to liven up your venue. From the sea of decorations, accessories and invitations to choose from, finding the adornment that is right for your party can be a challenge. The best way to get started is by choosing a theme for your celebration.

Wine bottle vases communion party decorations
Wine bottle vases. Perfect for a wine and bread themed party. Photo courtesy of

Party Theme

Your theme can be as simple as a color scheme or as complex as a theme centering around ancient Egyptian mythology. Select a theme that suits you and your child’s interests. Or choose something that fits the event you holding the party in honor of. For a First Holy Communion celebration, I think a Biblical themed party will work wonderfully. Other theme ideas include cherubs, bread and wine, or white and gold. After you find a theme that works for your celebration, you can start organizing your party decorations around it. Here are some theme ideas and communion party decorations you can use for your party planning inspiration.

Biblical Theme

Centering your theme around the bible is a great idea for such a religious event. You can include decorations that reflect you and your child’s favorite bible stories. Adorn plain walls and ceiling areas with garland made out of fake flowers, paper, or create your own Noah’s Ark inspired animal garland. Learn how it’s done on Dress the tables with white and gold tables clothes.

You can serve food that people may have eaten back in the day. Fruit, vegetables, bread, hummus, and crackers will all make for great party snacks. You can also serve angel food cake for affect. Grape juice can act as your wine. For a vast selection of great bible themed recipes, take a look at

Noah's Ark themed garland Communion party decorations
Noah’s Ark themed garland for a Biblical party theme. Photo courtesy of
Katie Claires Cottage via

You can set up fun bible craft stations for the kids. Your child and his or her friends will love making a fun project that they can take home and hold onto as a keepsake of your celebration. Set up containers filled with beads and ribbon. The kids can spend some time making beaded necklaces and rosaries.

Or try setting up a cross cookie decorating stations. Bake or purchase a dozen cross shaped sugar cookies. Put the cookies out on a table, along with some frosting, sprinkles, and candy. The kids will have a blast decorating. After everyone has eaten, you can finish up the party with a round of bible trivia! To make choosing your decorations even easier, try narrowing your theme to a specific bible story like Noah’s Ark or David and Goliath.

Bread and Wine

First Holy Communion is all about accepting the bread and wine of Jesus. In communion, bread and wine symbolically represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. During one’s First Holy Communion, they accept Jesus for the first time. They make a decision to follow in his footsteps and become closer to their faith.

Take advantage of this special message and use it as your celebrations theme! Start by setting up a snack table filled with grape juice, flat bread, crackers, grapes, cheese, and wine. Dress you tables in wine colored table cloths and use white candles as your table centerpieces. Wash out old wine bottles and use them vases for your tables. Add a single rose to each bottle. Adorn a boring wall or ceiling with grape vine garland. As party favors, you can pass out banana bread in a jar. You can find the recipe and instruction on how to make it on

Cherub cut outs Communion party decorations
Angel cherub cut outs. Great for a Cherub themed party. Photo courtesy of


Cherubs will make an adorable theme for your communion party! This party theme is all about filling your venue with feathers, wings, doves, and any other kind of heavenly communion party decorations you can think of. White strings of light will add a warm touch to your celebration. Try wrapping your lights with tulle or white feather boas. This will create a beautiful glowing affect. Use white candles surrounded with white feathers as your table centerpieces.

Fill party bags with chocolate cherubs and custom photo magnets and give them to your guests as party favors. You can purchase chocolate shaped cherubs from Dress you tables in white table cloths. Top them off with gold table mats and gold colored dinnerware. You can do so much with this cute theme! Your guests will love it!


This fun idea was featured on Kara’s Party Ideas. Though it may not seem traditional, it’s a classic theme that all kids will enjoy. Use rustic materials to create decorations like burlap bunting, red bandanas cloth napkins, aluminum pie tins for plates and mason jars for drinks. Hang party banners with jute twine. If you are able to host the party outdoors, consider getting a couple of hay bales to set up as props. As party favors, give away sheriff badges and root beer candy sticks. Don’t forget to introduce your theme with custom communion party invitations!

Western Theme Communion Decorations
photo from Kara’s Party Ideas

Communion Party Decorations

Still didn’t find the decoration ideas you were looking for? Here are a few more communion party decorations you can look at for inspiration.

  • Candy Kabobs: Your kids will love these handy sweets. Fill a wooden skewer up with your child’s favorite sweets. You can wrap them in colorful saran wrap and pass them out to your young guests as party favors.
  • Balloons: Use balloons to fill up plain and empty spaces. They will add depth and a splash of color to your celebration. Try to purchase balloons in colors that match your theme.
  • Streamers: Streamers are another cheap, easy, and fun way to add color and fun to your celebration. You can purchase simple paper steamers for a dollar or less.
  • Banners: Banners are lots of fun! Hang up a banner that says, “Congratulations On Your First Communion!”.
  • DIY Paper Lace Garland: This garland has a delicate and lovely look.

Good Luck Party Planning

I hope this list of communion party decorations helped you find the inspiration you need to create an unforgettable party! If you really want to make your child’s party special, try including them in the party planning process. I’m sure they have super creative ideas you never would have thought of. Plus, they will enjoy their celebration even more if they have a say in the decorations. Remember to be creative and enjoy the party planning process. Good luck.

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