8 Great First Communion Gifts With Special Meaning

First Communion Gifts

First Holy Communion is a meaningful moment in a child’s spiritual life. It’s only natural that family and friends would want to give meaningful gifts to celebrate the occasion. To help you find just the right thing, we put together a list of First Communion gifts that will either serve as cherished mementos or encourage the child’s spiritual growth.

1.) Illustrated Children’s Bible

Children love brightly colored pictures, and what better way is there to get young children interested in the scriptures than with bold, illustrated storytelling? While it’s popular to give fancy embossed Bibles to children at their First Communion, illustrated children’s Bibles are often a more beloved gift because of the child’s age.

First Communion Gifts
An illustrated children’s Bible is a great way to get young kids interested in the holy scriptures.

Why? Well, a formal KJV Bible may be intimidating to young readers, but an illustrated children’s Bible invites them into the world of the Bible with vivid pictures that spark the child’s imagination. Seeing famous Bible characters brought to life in illustrations will encourage a healthy curiosity about scripture from a young age.

2.) Custom Prayer Journal

It’s never too early to learn how to pray, and a custom prayer journal is just the thing to encourage a child’s devotional time. PurpleTrail makes it possible for you to customize a journal with the child’s name, favorite colors or animals, or even a photo or two. The idea is to create a journal so inviting that the child will want to write in it again and again.

First Communion Gifts
Custom First Communion Journal from PurpleTrail

A custom prayer journal will help children put down on paper all the things they pray for. They can jot down their prayers for themselves, prayers for friends and family, and prayers for the world. Once the child has completed the journal, stash it away as a keepsake so they can look back and remember their childhood prayers.

3.) Custom T-Shirt

A custom T-shirt is a gift that’s both memorable and practical. The child can wear this special shirt to school, extracurricular activities, and around their friends. Wearing the shirt is a simple way they can boldly proclaim that they participated in one of the church’s most important sacraments. When the child outgrows the T-shirt, they can store it away as a keepsake in a special memory box.

First Communion Gifts
First Communion T-shirt from PurpleTrail

A custom First Communion T-shirt can be designed with the child’s name, the date and time of the First Communion, and the church or town where the sacrament was given. Since the shirt is completely custom, you can arrange to have custom graphics added to it, such as a cross and chalice, or even simply the child’s favorite animal, flower, or activity.

4.) Framed Print of the Big Day

A custom framed print of the child receiving their First Holy Communion is a perfect gift if you’d like to give something special that the whole family can enjoy. The framed photo can be hung in the child’s room near where the child kneels to pray before bed, or elsewhere in the home where it can be viewed by the entire family and their guests.

First Communion gifts
Custom First Communion Framed Print from PurpleTrail

Custom prints can be so much more than just a photo. By utilizing custom design services from a custom gift company like PurpleTrail, you can incorporate the child’s name, a photo collage, an inspirational quote, a favorite scripture verse, or whimsical embellishments. With custom prints, you can turn a simple photo into a beautiful work of art.

5.) First Communion Keepsake Box

A personalized keepsake box is the perfect place to store the child’s first rosary or other cherished treasures. The Susabellas shop on Etsy sells beautiful First Communion keepsake boxes that are made by hand using clay, ceramic, and glaze.

First Communion Gifts
Personalized Keepsake Box from Susabellas on Etsy

Aside from the artisan touch of such an item, we love how you can get the box personalized with the child’s name on top, a tiny graphic, and a custom message hidden away inside. The gift can be paired with a piece of special jewelry, like a charm bracelet or cross necklace.

6.) Personalized Charm Bracelet

A personalized charm bracelet is the perfect, age-appropriate piece of jewelry for a young girl on the day of her First Holy Communion. The little charm bracelet below from the Scrapheart Gifts Etsy store is made from sturdy stainless steel rather than precious metals, making it much more durable for a little girl who spends a lot of time running and playing.

First Communion Gifts
First Communion Charm Bracelet from Scrapheart Gifts on Etsy

Personalized touches, like a charm of the child’s first initial and a little pearl that you can get in one of 18 different colors, help make the charm special to the child. The charm bracelet above comes with a laser engraved charm with a cross and the words “First Communion.”

7.) Personalized Cross Necklace

A personalized cross necklace is equally fitting for a young boy or girl on the day of their First Communion. However, the example below from the LilyBuds Etsy shop is particularly well suited for young boys who may not want anything too flashy or frilly. Since it’s worn around the neck rather than the wrist, a cross necklace is less susceptible to bumps and knicks, meaning you can order the cross in a precious metal, like fine silver or sterling silver.

First Communion Gifts
Personalized Silver Cross Necklace from LilyBuds on Etsy

We love the simple, rustic look of the cross above paired with a thick black cord. We also love how you can get the cross necklace above personalized with the child’s name. It’s the perfect memento for a day steeped in spiritual significance.

8.) Personalized Pillow

A personalized pillow is beautiful and unique way to commemorate a child’s First Communion. PurpleTrail makes it possible for you to print or embroider the child’s name along with all the facts of the special day, like the date and time, and the name of the town and/or church where the First Communion was received.

First Communion Gifts
Custom pillows from PurpleTrail can be personalized for baptisms, First Communions, and more.

Aside from just including custom wording, you can also incorporate photos or custom graphics to a personalized pillow, such as a cross or chalice to symbolize the special day. Photos from the First Communion ceremony can also be printed on the pillow to serve as a lasting memory. Every time the child sees the pillow adorning their bed, they will smile at the memory of their First Communion.
We hope this list inspires you to choose the perfect First Communion gift for a special child in your life.

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