First Holy Communion Invitations, Wording Samples, Etiquette, & More

A first holy communion deserves to be celebrated in style.

Whether you would like to ask friends and family to attend you child’s first holy communion ceremony or you’re inviting guests to a first holy communion party, you’ll need beautiful communion invitations that will set the tone for your special occasion.

Here we’ve compiled a list of beautiful first holy communion invitations, first holy communion invitation wording samples, invitation etiquette tips, and everything else you’ll need to know about purchasing, inscribing, and sending invites for your nearing event!

Floral Cross Monogram First Holy Communion Invitation by Cross Monogram First Communion Invitation by
Floral Cross Monogram First Communion Invitation by

What is First Holy Communion?

During a child’s First Holy Communion, for the first time they accept the bread and wine or Holy Eucharist offered at the alter. The bread and wine symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

This is what First Holy Communions are all about: consuming the body and blood of Christ for the first time. The consumption of the bread and wine confirms their faith and brings them closer to Christ and how he lived.

When choosing an invitation for your child’s First Communion ceremony or celebration, you should try to find one the coincides with the religious meaning of the event.

Do this by including a biblical quote or adding a sweet message that explains the meaning of your son or daughter’s First Holy Communion. Or you can also try including artwork or photographs with religious undertones.

First Holy Communion Invitations

Finding First Communion Invitations that suit your own and your child’s tastes perfectly can be difficult.

Although there are thousands of invitations you find in stores or online, it’s always best to go with custom invitations, so you can create invites that truly reflect your child and this very special time in their lives.

On you can create first holy communion invitations from scratch or you can personalize one of their beautiful communion invitation templates.

First Holy Communion
Gold Monogram First Holy Communion Invitation by

Unlimited photos and custom wording along with your choice of colors, fonts, and backgrounds can all be add to your invite. You can also choose from a variety of invitation formats and styles.

Whether you go with an 8-paged communion booklet invitation filled with photos, communion quotes, and prayers or a eye-catching die-cut first holy communion invitation in the shape of a heart, circle, or square, your invites are bound to look special and unique just like your child and the milestone moment at hand.

First Holy Communion Invitation Wording

After you’ve chosen a first holy communion invitation design you love, you’ll need to fill it with meaning communion wording. Here are first holy communion invitation wording samples you can use for inspiration.

Please share with us this blessed day

as our daughter Sarah William receives her

First Holy Communion


Join us as we dedicate our child to God

at Susan’s First Holy Communion


Susan and Christopher invite you to join

them in the Communion of their daughter

Elizabeth Jones


Help us surround William Damien Smith

with love on his First Holy Communion


We’re joyfully bringing our child

into the love and grace of God’s family.

Please join us for this special occasion.


The bread of life… The cup of joy… This will be a blessed day

Please join us to celebrate Stephen Black’s First Holy Communion


“Let the children come to me” Matthew 19:14

Please join us on the blessed occasion of

Margrette Stone’s First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion Invitation Envelopes

For an occasion as special as a First Holy Communion, it’s only fitting to go all out of your stationery, even your envelopes.

Personalize custom envelopes on so they match your first holy communion invitations perfectly.

Matching custom envelopes will not only make your parcel standout, but it will also let friends and family know there’s special message inside.

 First Holy Communion Etiquette

It’s customary to invite family members, church members, and close friends to your child’s first holy communion.

If you will be holding a party after the first holy communion ceremony include the details, locations, and times for both events on your invitations.

Try finding an invite that suits the religious occasion and send your communion invitations out at least 6 weeks prior to the event.

If you’re planning a formal party for your child’s first holy communion also include an RSVP so you can get a head count and properly prepare.

Magnet First Holy Communion Invitations

Opting for magnet communion invitations is not the most traditional options, but it’s an option that makes for a longer-lasting and more practical invite.

Friends and family will hold onto the invite for years to come as a keepsake of this special time in your child’s life and they will make good use of it to boot.

Learn more and create custom magnet invitations.

Happy Event Planning!

Hopefully you found these first holy communion invitation tips helpful. Best of luck planning for your child’s communion! Make sure to check out the rest of our site for more wonderful communion wording ideas and advice!

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